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josh-blanchard replied to your post: :’( :’(

Congrats bby.

:'( :'( <--- there's my audition for Crymon, hope it was accurate <3

Congrats you get the part.

That audition was flawless.

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Hello there, fellow friend.


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That's a lot of crying. Welp.


Real men cry.

Can I audition for Crymon Deville?


Requirements are:

  1. Crying a lot
  2. Throwing alcohol into flames
  3. Crying
  4. Taking baths and never getting out
  5. Crying in the bath tub
  6. Buying Harry Winston
  7. Crying 
  8. Playing the piano…while crying
  9. Mourning your dead mother. With tears, of course
  10. Marching out of the house after rejected proposals. And crying.



Simon Deville | Off-Campus Housing | 22 | Senior | The School of Fine Arts | Theater Major | FC: Ian Somerhalder
Simon has always been more introverted when it comes to sharing his feelings. He has no problem making friends and being social and acting like he’s close to people, but he never actually lets anyone in. He hates feeling dependent on anyone and would rather do things on his own because he was hurt by his ex-best friend and girlfriend and he doesn’t trust anyone anymore. Simon is witty and intelligent though and he often uses those traits to manipulate people. He is an actor after all.

Simon was born in Los Angeles but he and his father moved to New York when he was ten after his mother died of cancer and he grew up there. He was spoiled by his father and he never wanted for anything. The Deville’s come from old money and Simon was raised being reminded of the family’s honor and his duty to uphold it and their fortune. He had other dreams though. Simon always wanted to be an actor and when he was finally old enough to go out on his own, he turned his back on his father and their family for good. Shortly after moving out, Simon got into a serious relationship that lasted for a year but then he caught her sleeping with his best friend and ever since he hasn’t gotten close to anyone else. Now he’s just finishing up college so he can start his career as an actor and start the life he’s always wanted.
Plans for the future:
Simon wants to graduate with his theater degree and eventually become a famous actor.

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It’s troll hunting season.


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U CAN'T DENY MEEEEEEEEEEE. demilena wants in!

Too bad you were denied bitch. Denied for life.

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No to all the questions but I am a troll obsessed with amazing Disney fcs...




First you must answer this short questionnaire:

1. Do you light things on fire because you’re a fucked up douchebag?

2. Can your character do more than smoke weed and have sex?

3. Are you a two-faced bitch ooc? 

4. Are you a thieving troll obsessed with fugly Disney fcs?

5. Will you leave and steal our shit?

6. Do you know that California is in fact a state, not a city?

Charlotte Moreau - DENIED BITCH!

ooc name: Brooke Heather Cohen the stealin’ ho. Stupid bitch ass troll.
ooc time zone:Eastern
how active are you?Very
Rules password: The rules make perfect sense to me. Don’t lie bitch, you know you was trollin’ we were hatin’, and we were patrollin’ trynna catch you trollin’ dirty, and we did bitch!

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Anonymous asked:
Not to sound rude, but I'm glad Allison, Jared, Valencia and Thomas left the roleplay. It'll be much better now.

We’re glad too. fuck them bitches

Hi I was just wondering if you got my application? I know tumblr seems to be messing it up and never sends them in.

Hi Heather, we got your application. We just didn’t accept you cause you’re a trollin’ bitch.

Yupp, you&#8217;ll follow us until we love you and steal all of our shit.

Yupp, you’ll follow us until we love you and steal all of our shit.

Anonymous asked:
The ex Mia here! I will finish my mid terms a week from now, and I DO plan on coming back as Josh (So Beremy's still alive) Also, my whole leaving thins was all just a big misunderstanding! I deactivated all of my roleplay accounts (uni and not) to focus on my mid terms, since keeping them activated will tempt me. I don't know why Jared is so mad at me, but I didn't leave because 'he was being a dick to my characters' This is mostly for you to know, so you don't have to publish this.

Jared hated everyone IC and OOC he was just a rude ass bitch.