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the university of your dreams
Brentwood University

«OC Roleplay where you create the character you are portraying! Use any Face Claim you want that looks old enough to be in college!»

Here we offer a wide array of majors and disciplines for our applicants to consider. Our students are held to the highest degree of learning and are the brightest amongst the nation. With this said, we like to give our students freedom to do what they wish with their time here. There are a wide array of living arrangements, courses to take, and clubs to join around campus. In fact, any student may form a new club with a teacher sponsor. Here at the University, we are open to new thoughts and ideas so a student may double major or minor and major if they wish! We are very proud of our students and only accept the best of the best. Now, we are accepting applications for professors who wish to teach here at The University! All you need are your teaching credentials and a passion for teaching and you are well on your way to becoming a professor here!

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