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Danielle Tate - Accepted! Please send in the link asap :)

ooc name: Mikayla

ooc time zone: Pacific

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Rules password: (found on the rules page) The rules make perfect sense to me!

The Student Form.

Name:  Danielle “Dani” Tate

Face Claim: Behati Prinsloo

Age: 20

Grade:  Junior

School: The School of Fine Arts

Major(s): Art

Dorm Building: Alderman Dorms

Personality (complete sentences): Dani is a complete mix of overtly perky and chipper and downright moody and sarcastic, not one to have a stable attitude or mood for too long. Her personality is often changing and therefore unpredictable. She is full of contradictions, often very indecisive. With a short attention span it’s amazing if you can get her to focus on something that isn’t a sculpture or painting for longer than an hour or so, she is flighty and often gets bored rather quickly, compared to most.  She has a craving to explore and try something new when every she can, perhaps that is why the girl seems to be all over the map with her decisions and interests.

Background (short but complete sentences):  Born and raised in the beach town of Long Beach, California, Dani was the second of three kids all only a year apart, an older sister, Layla and a younger brother, Tom. She grew up among the upper middle class. School wasn’t the best time for Dani, who was usually compared to her two siblings sister excelling in academics and brother in sports, but she finally found her footing in art and it was not much of a surprise considering her parents and their artistically inclined jobs,  her mother, an interior designer while her dad worked in set design.

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences):  Plans getting her degree before she tries to pursue a career in said field as an artist, then wants to own an art gallery.

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Welcome back Nicole! Please send in your link asap :)

Name: Nicole ‘Nikki’ Applegate

Face Claim: Lights Poxleitner

Age: 18

Grade: Freshman

School: The school of arts

Major: Music & Dance

Dorm building: McCormick, floor 1, room 2

Personality: Nicole is a sweetheart to everyone she meets. With her warm smile, sense of humor and charming personality, everyone would die to befriend her. Nicole, though her confident personality, is a follower. Not because she likes to follow someone around like a wanna be, but because she’s afraid to stand up to popular girls who bully her around. After being bullied for a few years, Nikki figured that the best way to stop them from bullying her is to agree with them on whatever they say. Although it is thought that she gets along with all the popular girls, deep inside, Nikki hates them. Nikki takes out all her feelings in music by writing songs and playing them on her guitar.

Background: Nicole comes from a perfect American family. Older loving brother, little adorable sister and caring parents. Growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone, she’s afraid to make the transition to Brentwood.

Plans for future: Nikki wants to start a career in music, and deliver her music to everyone in the world.

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Teagen Rose - Accepted!

Name: Teagan Avery Rose
Face Claim: Jessica Parker Kennedy
Age: 19
Grade: Sophomore
School: The School of Fine Arts
Major: Art, Art History
Dorm Building: Dillard
Personality:Though Teagan, is short, standing a height of 5’2”, She makes up for it in attitude. She’s talkative, loud and some would say charming. Her parents would often tell her she had the ability to be a great salesman and could sell you air if she put her mind to it. However, when push the wrong why she can easily become sarcastic and in your face. She doesn’t like to be tested, but on a general scale she’s sweet and pretty friendly. she can be pretty eccentric, an eclectic taste in music and a thing for old T.V. Shows, movies with Harrison Ford and a love for Macabre and almost morbid humor, but her one great passion is Art. she spends her life trying to make one great self portrait, but has been struggling so, she just can seem to find the right inspiration. 

Background (short but complete sentences): Teagan hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s about as interesting as it gets for here, She spent her childhood amazed by the pieces in the Walker Art Museum which furthered her love of Art and encouraged her to pursue it. Growing up in a family of boys, Teagan (Affectionately called “T”) Its a tomboy in lip gloss, she likes her fashion and pink, but will still throw on a Wilds Jersey and rough it with her brothers on the ice.

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences): Teagan hopes to create a career from her art or a least become a curator in an art museum. Her main goal is to get one of her pieces in The Walker Art museum, something she’s dreamed about since she was little.

Roman Giovanni - Accepted.

The Student Form.

Name: Roman Giovanni

Face Claim: Steven R McQueen

Age: 19

Grade: Freshman

School: The School of Law

Major(s): Pre-Law

Dorm Building: Alderman

Personality: Roman is kind of a loose canon. He will say whatever he wants to people no matter who they are and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. If you do something to piss him off, he will retaliate. He always goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. Even though he is a very difficult person to deal with, he is nicer than he seems. First impressions are important, so if anyone starts off on the wrong foot with him, that will define whether or not he will be friendly towards them. If he likes someone he will go out of his way to be respectful and do whatever he can to be a good friend.
Born and raised in New York, Roman comes from a wealthy Italian family but he doesn’t care for the money or the glamour that his family has. He was always the one that went against his parents wishes unlike his siblings. Even though he was always the one to rebel he was always his fathers favorite which has never gone well with them, and his siblings have never cared enough to form a civil relationship with him.
Plans for the future:
He is still unsure of his plans but he generally aims for become a part of an important law firm. He might go in a different direction but is unsure of it.

Oliver Blue - Accepted: Please make the account and send it in.


(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

1-8 hours on the weekend

Rules password: (found on the rules page)

The Student Form.

Oliver ‘Ollie’ Blue

Ash Stymest



The School of Communications



Personality: Oliver or mostly known as Ollie used to be loud,crazy and very outgoing but ever since he left the university, Hes become very shy,quiet and he likes to be alone most of the time. He switched his major to Journalism and Photojournalism. He lost interest in Music because it was something his parents wanted and not himself. Ollie is very sweet and he is respectable but if you mess with him don’t expect him to be nice to you. Ollie happens to be gay and he is single at the moment.
Ollie grew up living in a house where his parents expected him to be the best. They always had high standards for Oliver. He did whatever he could to make his parents proud of him but he knew he could never have them respect him for being who he is. They wanted him to be what they expected in a son but he knew that was never going to happen. When he started attending Brentwood he became friends with a girl but unfortunately ended up killing herself. Oliver left eventually and he went home to visit his parents who only where disappointed in him. Oliver wasn’t sure what he wanted to be. When it was his 21st birthday he knew what he wanted to be and now here he is back at Brentwood, Here he is unsure what to expect but he only hopes for the best.
Plans for the future:
Oliver wants to do something with his life, He wants to become a Author or a Simple Writer. Whatever could make his parents proud will only help him believe a little more in himself.

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Braden Henry - Accepted! Please send in the link asap!

ooc name: Salome
ooc time zone: Eastern
how active are you?: 1-10 (8) Throughout the week (Usually everyday except occasional Saturdays)
Rules password: (found on the rules page) The rules make perfect sense to me!

The Student Form.
Name: Braden Henry
Face Claim: (check the taken face claims list before filling this out) Henry Cavill
Age: 22
Grade: Senior
School: (read the ‘Majors’ tab) The School of Business
Major(s): Business Management

Dorm Building: (look at the living arrangement page because some of the dorms are filled) Alderman: Floor 2, Room 2

Personality (complete sentences): Perhaps the worst moments in life should have shaped Braden to be somewhat sympathetic or, at the very least, passionful about something. Unfortunately enough, Braden Henry’s life had the adverse effect on him. Braden’s personality is one that can be observed on your general sociopath at first glance. Unapologetic, forthright, remorseless, sarcastic…these are all words that can be used to describe Braden. He isn’t interested in anyone but himself and, at times, the people he actually holds a strand of concern for. Oddly enough, Braden has shown the capability of actually being responsible when it’s necessary. Of course, now that he’s alone…responsibility isn’t a quality dire to your average college student. He’s done things most would be ashamed of doing and some of those things have gotten him arrested numerous times. Years of living the life he leads has given him insight on what the world is actually like. As unforgiving and cold as he should be.

Background (short but complete sentences):Anyone looking through the eyes of Braden for even a minute, would see how differently the world is percieved through his eyes. His history isn’t exactly one of glory, nor is it the monotonous tale of the rich-kid who took a wrong turn one day, no. Braden Henry was born in a town known for it’s notoriety and impoverished neighbourhoods. Obviously, his upbringings left their mark. Born into poverty, Braden lived in a dilapidated two bedroom apartment with his mother and his six other sibilings. Never having met his father, thanks to his alcoholic, drug-addict mother, Braden relied on no one other than himself. His mother’s usual inebriated state left Braden and his six brothers and sisters, all belonging to different fathers, to more-or-less fend for themselves. Braden, being the oldest of the half-related family was forced to take on the role as breadwinner for his family. There never seemed to be enough food or money around the shabby home, no matter how many jobs Braden could balance while attending highschool. He had a precedented struggle with keeping decent grades, yet with some miracle he managed an acceptance letter from a prestigous university. Brentwood offered a full scholarship to the apparent financially troubled teen.

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences): Currently enrolled in The School of Business, majoring in Business Management, Braden plans to become a part of the exclusive career of Managment Consultants. All he’s actually yearning for is a paycheck out of this world, in which he can take his family off food stamps and find them a home ready to bear human life. Luckily enough, he seems on the right track.
Para sample: 

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Chase Statham - Accepted!

The Student Form.

Name: Chase Statham

Face Claim: Tyler Blackburn

Age: 20

Grade: Sophomore

School: The School of Fine Arts

Major(s): Music

Dorm Building: Alderman

Personality (complete sentences): Chase is kind of a loose canon. He will say whatever he wants to people no matter who they are and doesn’t take bullshit from anyone. If you do something to piss him off, he will retaliate. He always goes after what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. Sure he might seem like an unpleasant person to be around but he is actually kind of nice. First impressions are important, so if anyone starts off on the wrong foot with him, that will define whether or not he will be friendly towards them. Second chances aren’t an option and he won’t care if it means he will have no friends. Making friends isn’t his top priority.

Background (short but complete sentences): Chase comes from a wealthy family but he doesn’t care for the money or the glamour that his family have. He was always the one that went against his parents wishes unlike his siblings. At the age of 18 he received all the money his grandfather had left only for him and has lived on his own since then. He has very little contact with him family even though he has a good relationship with them.

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences):

He is unsure of what he wants to do at the moment but has his mind set on someday signing with a record label to put out the music he has been working on for most of his life.

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Hannah Donovan - Accepted!

The Student Form.
Name:Hannah Donovan
Face Claim: katie cassidy
School: The school of Communications
Dorm Building: Sycamore Aparments, Floor 2, Apartment A
Personality: Hannah is said to be a bit enigmatic, and rather spontaneous. Her blunt and opinionated personality has always placed her as being a bitch, yet she only is when needed. She’s headstrong and feisty and knows what she wants in life. She lives for the moments and refuses to let anyone get in the way of what she wants. Hannah is sometimes seen as an introvert,with her minimal patience to stand people and mostly girls who waste their life away on boys. Or her need to stay locked up in her room for hours on end writing. She has vowed to let no guy stand in the way of her future. Although she is a fun loving girl in general, who loves parties and meeting new people and enjoying every moment of her life.
Background: Growing up in Wellesley, MA to two Lawyers Hannah had nothing short of a perfect life. Being the middle child, of two brothers. Growing up with good morals and the best in life. Hannah had attended a private school her whole life. Growing up she was always the popular girl, the pretty one that attracted guys attention. Although she never cared for their attention and hardly had any boyfriends. She spent her time with her best friend Natasha or at parties being the social butterfly. Growing up she had a sort of attraction to writing, she loved it. Studying for a few years at Columbia and getting rather tired of it Hannah decided to transfer to Brentwood.
Plans for the future: She hopes to live in NYC again and specialize in either art journalism or fashion.

Gabriella Reynolds - Accepted: Please make the link and send it in!

ooc name: Carmen 
ooc time zone: GMT
how active are you? every day im tumblin’  i have no life haha!

Rules password: (found on the rules page)  The rules make perfect sense to me!

Name:   Gabriella ‘Gabby’ Reynolds
Face Claim: (check the taken face claims list before filling this out) Amber Heard
Age: 21
Grade: Junior   
School: (read the ‘Majors’ tab) The School of Design
Major(s) fashion design:
Dorm Building: (look at the living arrangement page because some of the dorms are filled) Mckormick
Personality: Gabby is a very flirty girl, knows that she could have any boy that she wanted, but she was never a girl to want a relationship, she had never expirenced love or anything like it, so she just had ‘friends with benefits’. She knows that she is beautiful, but she would never boast about it, she likes hearing compliments because it reassures her that she still is interesting. Even though she may know that she can get a guy, she likes him to work for it, she can be very sarcastic towards them but thats all to do with her flirting tactics. Other than that she is really friendly, once you make friends with her you know that you have a friend for life because she is sweet caring and loyal, but if you ever cross her or her friends then thats it. 
Background: Gabby has been a model ever since she was a little girl, her parents are very demanding of her and made sure she got every modeling job she could. Due to this, she never really had a childhood, or her teenage years. Although when she was 16, she ran away to love with her older sister. There, she made the most of her teen years. She experienced everything you can think of. Smoking, drinking, drugs and sex. But soon her sister got sick of her and kicked her out. She had no choice but to go back to her parents. Of course they let her back in, she could make them money and they loved money! Now back in the modelling industry, she has began to miss her freedom. She begged her parents to send her to university since she had been homeschooled all of her life, she had been dying for a taste of reality. They gave in and allowed her to come to Brentwood
Plans for the future: In the future, Gabby would love to own her own fashion label. With her being a model and now taking a major in fashion design, this would be a perfect way for her to enter the fashion industry and make an even bigger name for herself than she has now.

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Malena Ford - Accepted: Please make the account and send in the link!

ooc name: Ashley
ooc time zone: EST
how active are you? as active as they get.
Rules password: (found on the rules page) “The rules make perfect sense to me!”

The Student Form.
Name: Malena Ford.
Face Claim: (Victoria Justice)
Age: 19 
Grade: Sophomore
School: The School of Fine Arts.
Major(s): Music and Theatre.
Dorm Building: (Dillard Hall Room 3)
Personality: Malena has had a tough upbringing her mother died of Cancer when she was a little Girl and her father turned out to be an abusive Alcoholic for the past five years Malena has been living with her Grand Mother who was just recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Being a small town girl from Buffalo, New York with not much money but a loving grandmother that is enough for Malena. Her music teacher from high school recommended Brentwood University of course Malena didn’t have the money to go to college so she was granted a scholarship to the school of her choice. After some convincing off she went leaving her grandmother back in New York. Malena has always dreamed of becoming a recording artist, she taught herself to play guitar and piano.
Background: Malena was born and raised for most of her life in Buffalo, New York. With an alcoholic abusive father and a music gifted mother who died of cancer when she was a little girl. Her grandmother has been her saving grace through out most of her life, leaving her to go away to college was the hard but staying in a place with so much painful memories of her past is harder. 
Plans for the future: Ever since she was a little girl Malena has dreamed of becoming a recording artist, she writes lyrics and even taught herself to play guitar and piano, she gets music from her Mother who used to sing to her when she was a baby.

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Trey Burke - Accepted: Please make the account and send in the link!

ooc name: Alex :D

timezone: EST

how active: pretty darn. As much as I can be

Student form:

Name: Trey Burke

Face Claim: Young Johnny Depp

Age: 18

Grade: Freshmen

School: The School of Fine Arts

Major: Music 

Dorm Building: McCormick, floor 1, room 3

Personality: Trey can be a slight ass to everyone he meets at first, he doesn’t trust anyone. Although he does have a soft spot for the ladies. Trey is a complete charmer and the girls always melt for his puppy dog eyes and for his intoxicating touch and smile. Some people don’t take the opportunity to get to know him because of how he might act, but if someone takes their time, they will discover the true Trey Bruke. He’s not all that he seems to be. Deep down he’s funny, caring, and an all around good guy. He might not seem like it, but he is.
 Trey comes from a bit of a messed up family. He lived his whole life with his dad. His parents divorced when he was very young, so young that he forgets his mom completely. When he was going up his dad tried to make his life as well as it could go but of course things happened. Going up Trey made friends with the wrong crowd, getting himself into drugs, alcohol and all around shit. Music was the only way he could keep his sanity. He decided to get out of his hometown. He wanted to get far away from everything and everyone. He applied to Brentwood University and hoped for a fresh start.
Plans for the future:
 Trey hopes that his future will be brighter than the past, that’s for sure. He wants to excel in music and make a career out of it, if he can. He wants to meet new people and start his life over. New place, new dreams, new Trey. 

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Kelly Dupuis - Accepted: Please make the account and send in the link!

ooc name: Ansley

ooc time zone: CST

how active are you? I’m on tumblr daily, but I’m mostly on during the afternoon/evening. 

Rules password: the rules make perfect sense to me.

The Student Form.

Name: Kelly Dupuis 

Face Claim: Lucy Hale

Age: Junior

Grade: 21

School: The School of Arts and Sciences

Major(s): Political Science

Dorm Building: Alderman

Personality: Kelly is loud, outgoing, open-minded and a sweetheart. Kelly can also be often defined as an extrovert,  an outgoing, overtly expressive person. She loves to have a good time; party, drink and do the occasional drugs here and there. Yet it’s actually a mask to define her true feelings. Kelly, in actuality, is a very quiet, reserved and has a “heart on her sleeve” type of personality. Because of her being put up for her adoption at birth, she finds it hard to trust people at first but she’ll eventually open up. Kelly, to this day, has always wondered why her biological parents gave her up, yet she doesn’t want to know the answer. She likes to avoid confrontation at all costs, but will if someone deeply insults a friend or herself.
Background: Kelly was born in Lyon, France to her young, teenage parents whom later gave her up for adoption shortly after her birth. Kelly was then adopted by the most loving people in the entire world at age two. After her adoption, her parents and herself moved to New York so that her father could pursue his dreams of being a top-notch lawyer while her mother became a housewife. Kelly had everything she wanted and more but luckily didn’t become spoiled. Her parents adopted two more children after her, her mother couldn’t bare children, which made Kelly very happy as she had always been lonely.
Plans for the future:
She plans to make a difference in the world and to have a family of her own someday. 

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Application for Shanae Lucas - Accepted

Name: Shanae Lucas

Face Claim: Cheryl Cole
Age: 22
School: Fine arts
Subjects Taught: Dance and Music
Apartment Complex:Sycamore Apartment A
Personality (complete sentences): Shanae has always been a kid hearted, and dedicated young women. Teaching is pretty new for her, but she loves it. The students find her relatable, and she gets along with them all so well, being so young. She has a strong drive to achieve, making her mature enough to handle being a teacher and has gained a certain respect off both students and other professors. She never stops smiling and laughing, and generally doesn’t take life too seriously. Many of the female students look to her as an older sister figure, despite the small age gap.

Background (longer and in complete sentences):  Leaving home very young, she left to England and started her life performing over there, When things went wrong for her, she ended up back at Brentwood. At first she was against the idea of being back home with her controlling parents, but has proved her point, showing her parents she can handle her life, in her own way despite the failures of taking off in the UK.

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences): To continue making an impact on the students of Brentwood, and inspiring them to be successful. Maybe finding one guy to make her feel like she doesn’t have to be an individual all the time. 

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Audrey Price - Accepted! Please send in the link asap.

ooc name:

ooc time zone: 

how active are you? 8 out of 10 depending on what’s going on with school

Rules password: The rules make perfect sense to me (I love that your rules are thorough and that I’m not the only one who does that)

The Student Form.

Name: Audrey Price

Face Claim: Emma Stone



School: The School of Arts and Sciences

 Creative Writing and Psychology

Dorm Building: Dillard (Room 4 on the 1st floor)

Personality: Audrey is your typical girl from your typical small town. Even though her family is one of the richest families, Audrey never really acted as if she were rich. She talked to everyone, hung out with everyone. She has a very big heart and was known around town for being quite generous. She’s extremely kind, willing to do anything for her friends. There is a limit to her generosity, though. Ask for too much and Audrey’s feelings for you will take a wrong turn.

Background: Just because your family is rich doesn’t mean you’re a spoilt brat. Audrey grew up knowing she would have to work to get what she wanted out of life. Nothing came for free. She went to a very prestigious prep school, and while she had the opportunity to pay her way through school and earn every A the easy way, she didn’t. She worked extremely hard to get into an excellent university. All the same, she had the opportunity to work for her mother (an owner of a very high dollar wedding boutique), but wedding dresses are not the business for her. She loves to write, and that’s what she’s going to pursue.

Plans for the future: Once Audrey graduates, she will go on to grad school where she will earn an M.A. (the highest degree you can get in creative writing). When she had finished that, she will teach creative writing and up to sophomore level literature courses at the university level.

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Andrew Hemsworth- Accepted: Please make the account and send it in!

The Student Form.

Name: Andrew ‘Drew’ Hemsworth

Face Claim: Colton Haynes

Age: 21

Grade: Sophomore

School: The School of Communications

Major(s): Media Communications & Film Studies

Dorm Building: McCormick

Personality (complete sentences):

Charming, determined and well mannered are the perfect words to describe Drew. Or at least that is how his parents raised him to be like. Drew does whatever he wants, whenever he feels like it doing it. He isn’t one to give much attention to what people say about him because the only opinion that matters to him is what he thinks of himself. Even though Drew has the charm and the looks, he doesn’t care much for dating or doesn’t even notice when a girl has more than friendly inentions with him. He’s only had one girlfriend so he doesn’t have much dating experiece. Still, Drew believes that all girls should be treated with respect. His main focus is his education, which he takes very seriously and doesn’t plan on being sidetracked from completing his studies.

Background (short but complete sentences):

Andrew was born and raised in Crystal Lake, Illinois and is an only child. His family isn’t wealthy but they have always done better than average. Both his parents wanted him to attend a prestigious school like Brentwood and major in pre-law to become a lawyer but Drew had his interest elsewhere. 

Plans for the future (very short but complete sentences): He isn’t quite sure what he wants to do in the future.